Sharing the Love

"Thank you, Sarah, for creating such a beautiful supportive community, and for your gentle wisdom and guidance through pregnancy and new parenthood."

"I didn’t know what to expect from the prenatal classes but I am leaving feeling very refreshed, content and satisfied. The course also has stimulated my thinking in different ways which will allow the benefits of the course to continue.Thank you."

"I loved how you ensured the fathers-to-be felt included and supported. My partner wasn't sure about coming, but afterwards said he learned a lot."

"You are gentle and confident, just the balance I needed in the chaos of new motherhood. Thank you so much for showing up when I was falling apart"

"Nothing about my birth went as planned. I'm so glad we spent time preparing for different outcomes during your class. We weren't caught off guard when things got hard."

"We learned so much, not just about birth, but also about how to use our current skills and strengths to cope better. I feel prepared. Thank you!"

 "This course helped me to cope with my birth in more ways than I could possibly say. I also was fortunate to have Sarah as my post partum doula. An incredibly, loving, kind, knowledgeable, wise and inclusive woman."

"As a dad-to-be I was surprised how much I enjoyed this class and looked forward to each week."

"I imagined breathing techniques and powerpoint presentations. Instead I got meaningful dialogue, tangible skills, and the start of a new community of friends."

"Sarah was professional, kind, and welcoming. The way she taught the content made it very easy to learn."

"I'm not a fan of group workshops usually but I felt comfortable right away."

"I'm so glad we chose a private class - it was worth the extra cost to have you come to our home, and to feel comfortable asking all our questions in the privacy of our space."

"Thank you for this outstanding experience. We both really appreciated how you facilitated this group, drawing upon the questions, insights and experience from the people in the room. There was a true sense of safety and trust within the group, that allowed our questions, concerns and excitements to be expressed. Your depth of knowledge and the way in which you shared it was so inclusive, compassionate and supportive. You really have a talent in catering to everyone's unique experience of pregnancy, and unique outlooks in anticipation of birth."