Frequently Asked Questions

When should I take prenatal classes?

I generally recommend taking classes between 32-37 weeks gestation. However, if you want to register for a class that is sooner or later than that, you're more than welcome.

What 'style' or 'type' of class do you offer?

My training is in Birthing From Within, which is a great approach that is non-outcome focused, realistic, information based prenatal education. The emphasis is on building the kind of mindset that will help you cope with your birth.

Over the years my classes have been refined to reflect what I see works really well for women and their partners. My style is definitely focused on building resiliency, confidence and capacity through information, hands-on practice, and self-reflection about your coping style and innate resources. I provide fact based information about birth, while helping you determine what is going to work well for you based on your style of coping and your preferences and needs.

What should we expect from a group class?

My classes are engaging, fun, and full of great conversation. You can expect an opportunity to ask lots of questions and get answers that inform and empower you. You will laugh. You will meet some really great people who are having babies around the same time as you, which is great for building new community. You can expect frank discussion of birth, and fantastic skill-building to prepare both your partner and you for all that lays ahead, and an memorable experience. For topics included and class details click the link below. 

Are your classes only for first time parents?

No, not at all! I've had many second-time parents take my class and learn a lot. Plus, your experience and input enriches the class. Please come.

Should I hire a doula for my birth?

The short answer- yes! The longer answer is that consistently the research has shown that women who are supported throughout their birth experience by someone who is dedicated to their wellbeing and experienced in birth support have better outcomes in their experience of labour and birth. If hiring a doula isn't an option for you, consider how you can build a birth support team that provides you the kind of hands-on support that will enhance your birth. 

Note: I don't currently offer birth doula support but would be happy to recommend others who do.

How much postpartum support should I plan for?

As much as you can! But not just in the form of hiring a doula - take your family and friends up on their offers to help whenever possible. Accept all offers of a cooked meal or an errand run for you!

Postpartum doula support can be once a week or once in a while - talk to me about your needs.