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Sarah Segal

Sarah is a professional educator and advocate, originally from Vancouver Island with strong ties to the Nanaimo community. Her interest in supporting families started young when she worked as a nanny both in Canada and overseas. Travel took her around the world, but she returned to her island home to raise her own two kids, grow her garden, read lots, swim often and enjoy the surrounding nature.



Sarah has worked in advocacy and parent education since 2005, both in non-profit organizations and self employment in Canada and the Middle East. As a birth doula, Sarah attended dozens of births and has supported even more families through their adjustment to parenthood as a postpartum doula and breastfeeding counsellor, including solo mothers, adoptive parents, same-sex couples and more. Sarah's research focuses included prevention of childbirth trauma, breastfeeding support and education, and preventative approaches for postpartum wellbeing.  

Sarah is a highly skilled group facilitator and has been providing prenatal education classes since 2007. She strives to support families to be well equipped to handle birth and early parenthood while building community and connection through prenatal education. Over multiple years of experience and continuing education, Sarah custom-built a course in prenatal preparation that is evidenced based with a focus on resilience, coping skills, and practical information.

Sarah also works at Vancouver Island University Students' Union, providing professional advocacy, governance and support to postsecondary students. 


B.A., Major in Psychology (Vancouver Island University) 

DONA Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula 

Breastfeeding Counsellor (Douglas College)

Childbirth Educator (Birthing From Within)  

Related Research and areas of special interest/skill:  

Childbirth trauma

Narrative Therapy

Teen pregnancy

Single motherhood

Pregnancy and Infant loss 


Postpartum adjustment