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Comprehensive, Experienced & Evidence Based

The basics: How labour works, pain coping, positions, pushing, interventions, medications, complications, home/hospital settings, support, and afterwards.

Plus : How to build a pain coping mindset and be confident and resilient in birth, how to adjust to changes along the way, what to do when you don't know what to do, and tangible pain coping techniques with in-class practice.

Partner & Doula Support

Partners play a significant role in childbirth. Learn how to help her cope with pain, stay focused and what to expect so you feel confident. Learn about the role of doulas and other support team members. 

Life After Birth: Physical Recovery

What to expect in the first weeks after birth, postpartum adjustment, moods, hormones, physical health and more.

Caring For Your Newborn

Breastfeeding and the all-important latch, sleep, diapering, bathing, and must-have baby gear (spoiler: you don't need much but a few things make all the difference).

Family Adjustment

Plan for your adjustment to life with a baby, the changes in your partnership, your identity and your lifestyle. Tips and tricks to ease the adjustment and build in support ahead of time. 

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